Nya datorer!

Nya monsterdatorer i hela Stockholm e-Sport Arena! (VIP-delen). Vi är glada att kunna inleda ett samarbete med Shark Gaming som har försett oss med dessa oerhört kraftfulla gaming-datorerna.

Hela VIP-delen har nu dessa datorer så passa på att boka VIP-gibb eller dagsbokning i arenan!

Även Södermalm har försätts med datorer från Shark Gaming!

Varmt välkomna in och prova!

Shark Gaming

Press release

Today we are happy to announce our new cooperation with the Danish company Shark Gaming Systems. They’ve supplied us with 120 new high performing computers. This is Shark Gaming’s first step outside of Denmark, in an effort to expand in Sweden. It feels great to stand by their side and welcome them to Inferno Online Stockholm!

It’s with great pride that we announce our new cooperation with Shark Gaming Systems, a hungry, fairly new company with their eyes focused on E-sports. We can now offer our customers top of the line hardware with no lag at all in any of the games we have. Our future E-sports events will also benefit greatly from this deal. Welcome Shark Gaming Systems!

– Anton Budak, owner of Inferno Online

The new computers are set up in our VIP area (Stockholm E-sport Arena). And soon to be available at Södermalm’s facilities too. Take the opportunity to try out the new PCs in Stockholm E-sport Arena today! We truly feel this is a step in the right direction and we are happy to be in collaboration with a company like Shark Gaming Systems.

We have looked for the perfect partner in Sweden for a long time, and after many years of searching, we finally found the perfect partner in Inferno Online.

Through our new partnership, we will together give gamers in Sweden the best gaming experience!

Shark Gaming want to be your preferred gaming partner in supplying unique high performance gaming systems and gear. We will give you new E-sport experiences and show you the new world of Virtual Reality.

– Daniel Gerhardt, Managing Director of Shark Gaming Systems

For more information about Shark Gaming Systems, please visit www.sharkgaming.dk/about-us